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Grimpil’s Retrogress - two stories in one novel. Two men in one city, separated by nearly half a century; 1809 - Porto of the Peninsula War and 1854 - Porto at peace. Two men, on two very different missions.

Nicolas Jean de Dieu Soult, Napoleonic general at the command of 65,000 men, leading the 2nd Invasion of Portugal; objective – to conquer Porto and subdue the northern provinces.
Horace Grimpil, junior fellow of a minor Oxford College; objective - to buy Port Wine and fulfill his promises to return his late-mother’s ashes to her native soil.

What do they have in common?

From the disaster of the Pontoon Bridge to the determined resistance to the French passage over the Bridge of Amarante, the 2nd Napoleonic Invasion does not go according to plan. Soult’s political ambitions are crushed by his own officers in a conspiracy led by Henri Loison.

Grimpil’s voyage of self discovery reveals him wanting in comparison to his contemporaries; the determination of Frederick William Flower, the brilliance of Joseph James Forrester, the intelligence of Francisco Martins Sarmento; finally escaping from the complexities of emotional entanglements in dishonorable flight.

Two men, two stories, one destiny; fleeing before their enemies - Soult retreating on foot across the mountains, seeking sanctuary in Spain from the victorious allied General, Arthur Wellesley, later Duke of Wellington; Grimpil, trying to escape the invisible hand of an unknown enemy whose desire for revenge spans generations. Two men, one destiny; the same fate? Soult would live to fight another day, but what of Grimpil? Will his story end in the waters of the River Douro?

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About The Author

Anthony Kinnon was born 1954 born to William Thomas Kinnon and Marie Jeanette DeSeife, he was the second youngest of five children. William (Bill) Kinnon, originally from Liverpool moved to London to work in commercial banking, Jeanette DeSeife, originally from Alexandria in Egypt, worked as a Secondary school teacher.

The family lived in Beckenham, a comfortable suburb of South London, where he attended Marian Vian primary school and from an early age showed promising artistic talent. He then attended St Mary's Grammar School in Sidcup where he excelled academically and left with a scholarship to study the History of Art at Oxford University

Following a motorcycle accident, he was allowed to take a year's sabbatical from his studies, but never returned to complete his degree. He lived and traveled through Western Europe, initially doing manual work to make ends meet, later restoring antique furniture.
He returned to the UK and re-trained to be an TEFL teacher, after qualifying, he found a placement in Guimaraes, rapidly settling in to the relaxed pace of life in the area, he met a local girl and married.

He wrote a highly detailed history of his local area, even uncovering details that the established local experts had missed, which ruffled a few feathers. He wrote Grimpil's Retrogress and completed a draft for a second installment of the novel.

He died in June 2009 after fighting liver cancer for 18 months. Always a calm, quiet and modest person, he is fondly remembered by his family for his gentility, dry wit and deep philosophical insights.


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Arriving in Oporto to select a port wine for his college, Englishman Horace Grimpil soon finds himself embroiled in the conflicting interests of the British and Portuguese communities, where he is an ignorant outsider.

This Portuguese city - a turbulent place of ambition and defiance fought over by the French and British during the Napoleonic wars - is emerging from political turmoil that left the city and its people with their wealth and society destroyed.

Mr Grimpil, however, is about to experience personal turmoil of his own. Little does he know how the passions aroused during his journey of discovery will affect his own character, or how his presence will bring to a conclusion the relentless pursuit of a political revenge spanning generations.

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