Tuesday, 30 July 2013

10 reasons to visit Portugal

Whether it's for; the culture, the food, the ocean or perhaps any of the other 7 reasons to visit Portugal, enjoy this video:

Thursday, 18 July 2013

From Portugal To Finland With Love!

Here's a funny video that dates back to 2011, when Finland were holding back on supporting the bailout of Portuguese banks. Originally shown at an international conference in Estoril, the collection of images with a voice-over in English appears to carry the logo of the Cascais Municipal Chamber of Commerce.
It is probably best you just watch it (see below), but alongside reciting the many and illustrious things that have occurred in Portugal's long history, the video notes that Portugal aided Finland with goods in the dark days of 1940 during the Winter War, and the question is begged that perhaps the Finns ought to be grateful enough for this to follow suit.

In retrospect it is still a funny and entertaining video worth a watch, after all who would have thought that both James Bond and Pre-paid mobile phone cards were Portuguese inventions. 

Arriving in Oporto to select a port wine for his college, Englishman Horace Grimpil soon finds himself embroiled in the conflicting interests of the British and Portuguese communities, where he is an ignorant outsider.

This Portuguese city - a turbulent place of ambition and defiance fought over by the French and British during the Napoleonic wars - is emerging from political turmoil that left the city and its people with their wealth and society destroyed.

Mr Grimpil, however, is about to experience personal turmoil of his own. Little does he know how the passions aroused during his journey of discovery will affect his own character, or how his presence will bring to a conclusion the relentless pursuit of a political revenge spanning generations.

Read more about the book here

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