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Self guided walking tour of Porto

Visiting Porto and have a morning or afternoon free to explore? This self guided walking tour of Porto will take around 3 to 4 hours to complete. Feel free to break it up into multiple segments if you don’t have time to do it all in one day.

Begin your self guided walking tour of Porto at the Trindade metro station in the city center.
From there, walk down Rua da Trindade, take a left on Rua Fernandes Tomas, and make your way to the old iron Mercado do Bolhao market. Meander through the market stalls and stop by the Confeitaria do Bolhao across the street for a snack if you’re hungry.
Exit the market the same way you came in and take a right to see the beautiful Capela das Almas on the corner of Rua Fernandes Tomas and Rua Santa Catarina. The Capela’s striking azulejo tile facade is a preview of the many painted tiles you will see throughout your self guided walking tour of Porto.
From the Capela take a right down Rua Santa Catarina to Praca da Batalha. Stop by Majestic Cafe for a pastry and some great Art Nouveau decor on the way.
The Praca da Batalha is home to another azulejo smothered church called Igreja de Santo Ildfonso. Take in the plaza and all its bustling energy before continuing your tour.
From the Praca da Batalha, head down Rua 31 de Janeiro to Praca da Liberdade and the huge Avenida dos Aliados. Admire the buildings, and duck your head into the Sao Bento train station if you haven’t had enough of the azulejos yet.
From the adjacent Praca Almeida Garrett, walk down Rua das Flores to a Franciscan church called the Igreja de Sao Francisco. The Gothic facade is rather plain, but the Rococo interior of this masterpiece will amaze you with its gilded statues and vines.
From the Igreja de Sao Francisco walk down Rua Infante Dom Henrique and take a right on Rua das Mercadores to the Praca da Ribeira. Here you will catch your first glimpse of the Douro River.....

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